So this took me forever...

So Project 3 for the digital illustration class was to create a technical illustration which clearly shows the audience how to do something...only with an unexpected twist.  You should be able to figure this one out.

This is two alternatives to the same "How to..."  I swapped the order because it was late, I was extremely tired, and my mind started telling me it would work better a different way; so I put up both.

It's my head.

This was the second assignment for my Fall 2009 digital illustration class.  Here, I had to create a metaphorical silhouette--basically describing me with visual representation.

T-shirt design.

So the assignment was to create a t-shirt design that illustrates what's funny about being an artist.  In a moment of complete listlessness while trying to fulfill the minimum number of thumbnails, I drew this.  Get it?

More Eyes!

The top eye is my interpretation of what an awesomely colored orange eye would look like if it were a technical illustration.  The bottom eye is an exercise with custom pattern brushes.