First post in...FOREVER..

The Creative Talent Network eXpo is coming up in a couple of weeks, and as I sat this afternoon, refining my business card, I thought about how I haven't blogged in some time.  Time has been tight the last couple of months as I work part time as a graphic designer and part time as a freelance illustrator.  I have recently completed a few freelance promotional projects for a church in Upland and am currently working on commissioned paintings for a camp in the Santa Barbara mountains.  All this work, though it has been paid, has left me with little chance to work on my personal portfolio.  Below is my current project, which has remained in this phase for weeks!  

Current work

So I have been working on characters lately, to try and round out my visual development portfolio.  Next comes some narrative work :-)
A panda spoof on a classic Streetfighter character,  You'll see more of these as my buddy Albert and I are attempting to out do each other with our panda characters.

The mischief of the group of boys that hang out in the treehouse I painted a few months ago.  I will continue with this series.

The leader of the gang of boys from the same series as above.

My first completed portfolio piece of the summer!

I am excited to say that I had fun with this painting and am pleased with how quickly I went from sketch to finish.  Lets keep this momentum rolling!

Forest trolls dwelling continues

Here are a few lighting comps for my next piece.

2011 Summer Speedpaint Challenge!

Dwelling of forrest trolls.  This I will take to finish.  More to come on this one!

A panda guard!

The last of my school projects...for now at least

So I've just graduated! And it is an exciting time and a scary time, but it was quite the journey.  Here are my last couple school projects completed the week before graduating.

Finished Treehouse Paintings

A few more environments!

Pagoda Waterfall Fortress.  Digital Media (Corel Painter)

The Lair of the Ice King.  Digital Media (Corel Painter)


So I've been working environments this semester.  To date, what I posted last (for the Dream Crit) was all I had completed.  Here are a couple more comps for my personal portfolio based on my ideal treehouse--the one every elementary boy wanted growing up but no dad would allow him to have...

The DreamCrit

I was given an awesome opportunity today:  upon opening the inbox to my gmail account, I received a message, informing me that the following works deemed me worthy of participating in a critique/discussion/lecture at Dream Works Animation Studios.  The discussion will be led by Dream Works artists.  One lucky aspiring visual development artist from each of 4 Cal State schools was chosen to have their work critiqued by development artists working for Dream Works.  (I'm not one of them).  However, I am still extremely excited to be given this opportunity to participate in a panel of artists in an industry that I find quite appealing.  I am definitely looking forward to this! :-)

New Environment!