Wooden eye

Yeah that's it.  It's an eye made to look like it's made of wood.

Eye #7. George Seurat photoshop eye

Think it works?

German Expressionist Eye

Inspired by the works of Franz Marc and those of the Blue Rider group of German Expressionism.

Surrealist Eye.

Painted in the surrealist stylings of Rene Magritte and definitely inspired by one of his works.

Eyeball number 4.

This eye is painted in the style of Delacroix--a Romantic painter with a "looser" style of painting.

Photoshop Eye #3!

This eye was painted in the style of William Adolphe Bouguerea, a classical painter from the 1800's... Painting in Photoshop's taking some getting used to!

Eyes Painted in Photoshop

So the assignment here and for the next few posts above is to paint an eye in Photoshop in the style of a given artist. The two here are Vincent van Gogh (bottom) and J.C. Leyendecker (top).

Texture eye

This eye is used using different textures overlaid on top of each other.


So this is my first painting uploaded to this blog.  It was done for a grade in a class this semester (fall of 2009).  The JPEG compression does not do it justice.  The colors are more saturated.

Famous Eye

For this eye assignment, we needed to find a famous eye from a piece of artwork which would be easily recognizable.  We should be doing something to it in Photoshop I think soon.  Anyone know who's eye it is??  Haha.

Close-up my own eye

Yeah...the title pretty much says it all.

3D eye in Google SketchUp

For this assignment, we were required to create a 3-demential eye.  That's tough :-)

So this took me forever...

So Project 3 for the digital illustration class was to create a technical illustration which clearly shows the audience how to do something...only with an unexpected twist.  You should be able to figure this one out.

This is two alternatives to the same "How to..."  I swapped the order because it was late, I was extremely tired, and my mind started telling me it would work better a different way; so I put up both.

It's my head.

This was the second assignment for my Fall 2009 digital illustration class.  Here, I had to create a metaphorical silhouette--basically describing me with visual representation.

T-shirt design.

So the assignment was to create a t-shirt design that illustrates what's funny about being an artist.  In a moment of complete listlessness while trying to fulfill the minimum number of thumbnails, I drew this.  Get it?

More Eyes!

The top eye is my interpretation of what an awesomely colored orange eye would look like if it were a technical illustration.  The bottom eye is an exercise with custom pattern brushes.

Pattern in an Eye

Well, the assignment here was to create a pattern to alter the appearance of the eye.

Eyes - Week 5

The top eye is rendered to look like chrome while the bottom eye utilizes a custom stroke. I think it enhances the appearance of the lower eye.

Descriptive Drawing

All of these are graphite drawings done in a summer session class at Cal State Fulleron.  Graphite's fun :-D

Vector Eyes (Week of 9/18)

From the same series for the same class. This is another graphite drawing showing a hand and an elephant metaphorphesis.

This is graphite drawing from a series illustrating a relationship between a hand and elephant. It was a project for a traditional illustration class.


Eyes in Illustrator. Top left: The essence of an eye. Bottom right: An eye using only ellipses.

An Introduction...

Hey Readers!
My name is Brandon Steele, currently a first year senior at California State University, Fullerton getting a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in illustration. This blog is all about my work, my portfolio, my class work, and my inspiration and influences. Enjoy!