Pattern in an Eye

Well, the assignment here was to create a pattern to alter the appearance of the eye.

Eyes - Week 5

The top eye is rendered to look like chrome while the bottom eye utilizes a custom stroke. I think it enhances the appearance of the lower eye.

Descriptive Drawing

All of these are graphite drawings done in a summer session class at Cal State Fulleron.  Graphite's fun :-D

Vector Eyes (Week of 9/18)

From the same series for the same class. This is another graphite drawing showing a hand and an elephant metaphorphesis.

This is graphite drawing from a series illustrating a relationship between a hand and elephant. It was a project for a traditional illustration class.


Eyes in Illustrator. Top left: The essence of an eye. Bottom right: An eye using only ellipses.

An Introduction...

Hey Readers!
My name is Brandon Steele, currently a first year senior at California State University, Fullerton getting a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in illustration. This blog is all about my work, my portfolio, my class work, and my inspiration and influences. Enjoy!