The Roman Armor

Working for Wilshire Avenue Community Church, I was commissioned by their children's day camp to illustrate the "Full Armor of God."  Which, of course, looks like a soldier or the Roman Legion!  Since it's for kids, I went cartoony.  We've dubbed him the appropriate sounding Roman name of Bobbicus.

San Marcos Paintings Complete

I had the privilege late last year to travel and camp up in the beautiful Santa Barbara Mountains to work on some commissioned plein air paintings for San Marcos Christian Camp.  What a job these were!  I am very pleased with how these came out and hope San Marcos agrees!  I loved every minute of painting these.

First post in...FOREVER..

The Creative Talent Network eXpo is coming up in a couple of weeks, and as I sat this afternoon, refining my business card, I thought about how I haven't blogged in some time.  Time has been tight the last couple of months as I work part time as a graphic designer and part time as a freelance illustrator.  I have recently completed a few freelance promotional projects for a church in Upland and am currently working on commissioned paintings for a camp in the Santa Barbara mountains.  All this work, though it has been paid, has left me with little chance to work on my personal portfolio.  Below is my current project, which has remained in this phase for weeks!  

Current work

So I have been working on characters lately, to try and round out my visual development portfolio.  Next comes some narrative work :-)
A panda spoof on a classic Streetfighter character,  You'll see more of these as my buddy Albert and I are attempting to out do each other with our panda characters.

The mischief of the group of boys that hang out in the treehouse I painted a few months ago.  I will continue with this series.

The leader of the gang of boys from the same series as above.

My first completed portfolio piece of the summer!

I am excited to say that I had fun with this painting and am pleased with how quickly I went from sketch to finish.  Lets keep this momentum rolling!

Forest trolls dwelling continues

Here are a few lighting comps for my next piece.

2011 Summer Speedpaint Challenge!

Dwelling of forrest trolls.  This I will take to finish.  More to come on this one!

A panda guard!